Flota terrestre JAUSERCARGO Paraguay Published: 12th septiembre, 2018 | 3:28 pm

JAUSERCARGO cuenta con una flota de camiones habilitados para el transporte nacional e internacional, además actualmente están trabajando anexados a esta flota […]

  RILCOMAR: Operadores portuarios desde hace dos décadas. Published: 21st agosto, 2018 | 12:40 pm

Felicitamos a RILCOMAR al celebrar 20 años como operador portuario del Puerto de Montevideo, lugar privilegiado donde desde hace dos décadas realiza […]

Montevideo is the only terminal in South America which operates under a “Free Port” system according to provisions of Law 16.246; for more information regarding the subject and its benefits...
JAUSER CARGO has its own offices, warehouses and staff in Miami, business center of Latin America. Strict quality controls, modern technology and qualified staff in the management of documentation...
JAUSER CARGO implemented MAGAYA CUBISCAN and the new automatic baler, new technological tools to provide improvements and benefits in handling your merchandise ...
Heavy machinery logistics.

We have an experienced team in order to safely and efficiently deliver your agricultural, building or industrial machinery.

Boarding cars and boats from Miami in containers.

Get informed about our new service serving the needs of our customers.

  Buenos Aires
On 2005 we opened our own office in the city of Buenos Aires.
We have our own offices, warehouse and staff in Miami.
On 2012 we opened our own office in the city of Asunción.

As a client you can track your cargo and you can also watch the opening of containers. Request your permit and install MAGAYA system with your code.

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